The ‘Greenest’ House in Washington State

Last weekend, I headed over to Spokane, WA for a visit and an opportunity to take pictures of a house in Peaceful Valley.  This beautiful home, situated on the Spokane River, is considered to be the ‘greenest’ house in WA, although, you would never be able to tell by just looking at it.  The energy efficiency and green technology built into this house does not stick out in its sleek design.  Below are some awesome facts and images of this home:



-Photovoltaic panels cover the south side of the home’s roof. The panels generate so much power, that the owner sells back the surplus energy to the utilities company.


-The wood used to make the kitchen cabinetry was salvaged from the remodel of a local hotel, and the oak flooring came from the siding of old barns. Even the sheet rock is made from recycled materials, and the insulation is made from bits of denim left over from the process of making jeans.



-The tiles for the kitchen and bathroom backsplashes were made from recycled wine and beer bottles by Spokane artisan Jeff Hazen.



-The toilets have two flushing options, depending on how much water you need. There’s also a waterless urinal in one bathroom.


-The living room’s fireplace is made from bricks salvaged from the local Community Building, including some blackened when the building suffered a fire years ago.



-Two 500-gallon tanks collect rainwater underground, and that water eventually will irrigate a raised-bed vegetable garden.


I hope this becomes the standard.  Do you know of any local homes with ‘green’ technology?



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