Curb Appeal – The Importance of Decluttering and Staging a Home

First impressions are extremely important when a home is put on the market.   Buyers are busier than ever and may not have the time to do the old fashioned ‘drive by’ as well as technology has made it easier than ever to view and evaluate listings on the internet.


This brings up the importance of high-resolution photos.  Don’t have images of the property yet?  Don’t list the home until you do.  Most buyers will shop on the Internet for potential homes.  Without quality images to showcase the home and ‘wow’ potential buyers, more than likely the home will be passed by.  Properly lit, high-resolution images are ideal for marketing your home.  Sometimes less is more in regards to a particular setting.  Decluttering featured rooms of personal items, photos, etc allows potential buyers to picture themselves in the home.  A clean view will make for a lasting impression.  With so much information on the internet, you only have a few seconds to catch a buyer’s attention.


Staging a home is critical for clean photos.  Adding or removing certain objects gives the buyer the opportunity to envision the layout and how they might fill the space as a homeowner.  Planning the shoot in advance can help work out important details such as, when does the house catch the best natural light?  While it may seem obvious, a deep clean of the home is absolutely necessary.


Remember to always use a high quality camera and/or hire a professional.  It’s time to make your next listing stand out!




Source:  Forbes



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